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Ferret taking a look around
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USAJobs search homepage dream
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Federal Ferret is your window into the USAJobs past. My data analysis helps you understand the federal hiring landscape and identify your dream job.

Data-Driven Federal Job Search Assistance

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I equip you with the information you need to find the job you're looking for. My first-of-its-kind analysis of past federal job announcements gives my clients a competitive advantage.

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100 US dollar banknote
100 US dollar banknote

Federal Ferret provides free access to insightful analysis and helpful tips about the federal hiring process.

I love to help, yet I know I can't provide insight on every federal career path (there are thousands!). That's why I offer personalized federal job search consulting and built a comprehensive searchable database of past federal job announcements available for a fee to subscribers.

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Feel free to reach out if you have a request for a specific data analysis that could empower your federal job search. Depending on what I find, I may add the results to my Insight page.